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La Roux, anyone?! - we love_______________our music. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
oh my good golly gosh.

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La Roux, anyone?! [Jun. 12th, 2009|01:32 pm]
oh my good golly gosh.


Has anybody else here heard of La Roux? She's a great new act from the UK who is getting a lot of buzz lately. Her music is really unique and addicting, i think. She's got a great look and a great pop sound and is bound to blow up!

Her video for "In for the Kill" is amazing. Its got great imagery, watch it here: "In for the Kill" video.
After that pick it up on iTunes here: "In for the Kill" on iTunes

The video for "Quicksand" is equally as good.
Pick up the "Quicksand" EP on iTunes here: "Quicksand" EP on iTunes.